Medication of Meditation With Binaural Beats

It is a billion dollar industry that offers the promise of a better life free from pain and suffering. With hypnosis, visualization aids and affirmation computer programs constantly being developed you would think there would be an easier way to make change. Personal development has become big business in the 21st Century.

Another great thing about binaural beats is that they can be used to induce a deep state of trance on the listener. In some cases, binaural beats have been proven to be even more effective then traditional medication on severe depression cases. Some binaural beat recordings are specifically made for people who would like to get rid of the effects of depression on their everyday life.

Individuals today are so involved in obtaining the temporal that the permanent happiness seems to have taken the back seat.

Life in the present era involves two things that of the competition and stress.

The cut throat competition leads is the driving force and keeps the individuals running eternally behind the materialistic pleasure. However since the world today is highly material driven, anything that cannot be materially evaluated carries no value, even if it is one of the best and rarest gifts. In fact the unfortunate lot has quite conveniently forgotten that the true happiness that makes life worth living comes free of cost.

All the good things actually come free of cost. They help the individuals to rejuvenate and return back to normalcy. The holocaust of materialism often lead individuals to depression so deep that coming out of it seems to be an impossible task.

However, proper guidance and religious practice can actually make this apparently impossible task possible. A healthy mind ensures a energetic body and a enthusiastic individual. The Hemi Sync contributes significantly in the process of building the healthy mind free of all filth and trash.

The binaural beats are instrumental generating patterns of brainwave with the help of sound. After all it all lies within the mind.

A person with a healthy and sound mind is seldom seen cribbing or complaining about things or people around him or her. The soothing effect of the binaural beats spreads a relaxing calm and composure all over acting as a pacifier of the troubled body and mind. It has rendered valuable and quality service to relieve people from their daily stress. The benefits rendered by these meditation aids are not only numerous but also incredible and indispensable.

The benefits rendered by the binaural beats and Hemi Sync are as follows:

A relaxed mind and body

This incessant pursuit has at the end yielded nothing but a drained body and mind.

To revive this wasted body and mind comes in the binaural beats and Hemi Sync. This causes a set of desirable effects that lead to the relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body.

The Hemi Sync is a meditation technology that has been doing the laudable task of producing different types of binaural beat cds. They trick the brain into hearing low frequency beats which would have otherwise been inaudible to the human ear.

1.      Personal verification of our immortality: This is a life changing event. It is an out-of-body experience achieved via deep meditation or lucid dreaming.

Astral Projection is where the Consciousness & the Astral body separate from the physical body to travel in the spirit world or astral plane. In this state of consciousness, you can travel and see things without your physical body. Millions of people every year through out-of-body experiences get first hand evidence of the ability to exist without a physical body. 

2.      More restorative sleep: Through meditation and astral projection an inner calmness is developed and better sense of worth leading to deeper peace and an ability to fully relax to get a good nights sleep. 

3.      Increase in psychic abilities: As we become more in tune with our internal energy systems we then open more possibilities to develop psychic abilities such as telepathy and prophecy. 

4.      Accelerated personal development: Through an out-of-body experience we see that we are more than physical beings and this opens up so much more potential in our minds of what we are capable of. 

5.      Increased spirituality: Many people find the whole experience spiritual.

What are the Benefits of Astral Projection? Take the step today from being a curious observer to an active explorer. Once on the journey of Astral Projection we can see that our existence continues beyond our physical being. 

10.  Recognizing and experiencing past-life influences: You learn to explore and open up your subconscious mind. We all have the ability to travel on the Astral Plane, but most people fail because they can not tune their brain waves into the right frequency. It allows us to explore beyond the narrow limits of our physical senses. Controlling the brain is one of the hardest obstacles that we face. People report a definite sense of being connected to something far greater than themselves. 

6.      An increased respect for life: Through the increased spirituality and inner calmness also comes a desire to respect all life both animal and human. 

7.      Increased intelligence, memory recall and enhanced imagination: Through these experiences it is believed that certain areas of the brain may become utilised that were previously untapped in our physical life. 

8.      Obtaining personal answers: An out-of-body experience can provide answers to many previously unanswered questions. 

9.      Elimination of the fear of death: Fear of death is fear of the unknown.

You can learn to Astral Project! We all know that Astral Projection is dependant on the brain, and it takes years of dedicated practice to reach the meditation level to allow our inner body to separate from our physical body. This is much faster and easier than via the traditional route of years of meditation techniques.

 Learn to Astral Project

Controlled out-of-body experiences open the door to incredible new discoveries.

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